Why Ex-Offenders need to be Employed

It is not difficult to see or understand how getting something to do helps an ex-offender to stay away from crime.

There are certain ways employment can help ex-offenders. For instance, it helps in re-integrating into the society by keeping them engaged, develop social skills among co-workers hence helping them to stay away from criminal activities. When someone is employed, it shows a sign of being responsible and is an essential sign of a person's ability to get back to their conventional life easily and successfully.

An employed person will have less time to think of getting engaged with frivolities, this will, therefore, make them utilise their time more constructively as well as become independent economically. When someone has spent time in jail, their self-esteem suffers and this will affect them integrating with other people.

Being engaged will improve this tarnished self-esteem and help them to develop a positive sense of self as this will assist in preventing them from going back to their former ways.