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Most companies and businesses have embraced the gesture of extending their employment to people with criminal records, however, the problem often faced by these organisations is finding the right and perfect talent. This is where our business comes in. As a business owner or an enterprise CEO, you cannot ignore the enormous pool of talents.

More often, the talents and skills of ex-offenders are gone unnoticed because of the criminal past, and because no one wants to give an ex-con a paid employment, they resort back to their old way in search of a means to live. These acts are a continual process hence increasing the rate of reoffending and thereby affecting the economic and social life of the society.

Not only will being in a paid employment help an ex-con to reintegrate easily into the society, but it is also one of the essential means of decreasing the rate of reoffending. One of the major reasons why most employers don’t offer people with criminal conviction employment is their exaggerated fear and this has hindered many organisations from reaping the productivity their skills and talent can bring to their organisation.

As an employer who wants to outsmart competitors, taking advantage of the pool of talents and skills of ex-prisoners by offering them paid employment can bring your workplace enormous benefits as well as decrease the rate of reoffending and minimise the obstacle for people with a criminal history.