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Hello and Welcome to Progressive Paths

Unemployment is a problem that most governments in the world are fighting against. Getting a good job is a dream of most job seekers, and more often than not, good ones don’t come by. This scenario is not a new thing per say, getting employed becomes even a more daunting task as an ex-offender. Nobody readily wants to hire an individual who has a record of being a convict in the past.

However, what people fail to understand is that an employed ex-offender stands a high chance of desisting from going back to the crime that first got them a jail term. Simply put, employment promotes desistence in ex-offenders.

We are a recruitment agency based in London specialising in job placement for ex-offenders. Ever wondered what these forgotten members of our Society go through as they re-integrate themselves in the Society? Well... Progressive Paths tries to help them become better citizens by leading a meaningful life after getting a second chance.

We are all about social reform and trying to break the cycle of ex-offenders becoming repeat offenders. We believe everyone deserves a second chance thus we assist them during their job hunting process. However, we also extend our services to everyone searching for employment opportunities.

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